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Notebook and Pen
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Poetry: Birdy

Broken, obviously so So broken and alone You will never fly again This may be your last sunset Feathers out of their formation Bones no...

Poetry: Love

Such a beautiful word. A word used often. Something I have heard, Yet many times forgotten. Much of my love was not meant, Easily it...

Poetry: Writer's Block

Glued to your paper is a pen Stuck within a thick layer of tar. Your pen, like a leaky pipe, Spews out the viscid substance, Soon, the...

Poetry: Gentle Hands

Encased within a pure porcelain cage Rests a crimson beating lump Cushioned on either side by pillows of breath Gentle hands wrap...

Poetry: Campfire

Floating embers fill the air, dancing around aflame coal Crackling to the beat of the savage music you despise However, you are still...

Creating Knowledge

What comes to mind when the word ‘creativity’ is presented? – you may think of a novelist, a playwright, or an artist, but why doesn’t...

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