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Notebook and Pen
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Explore my blog and all that I have to offer; I hope that PhilosofE will ignite your own passions as well.

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Poetry: Love

Such a beautiful word. A word used often. Something I have heard, Yet many times forgotten. Much of my love was not meant, Easily it...

Poetry: Writer's Block

Glued to your paper is a pen Stuck within a thick layer of tar. Your pen, like a leaky pipe, Spews out the viscid substance, Soon, the...

Poetry: Gentle Hands

Encased within a pure porcelain cage Rests a crimson beating lump Cushioned on either side by pillows of breath Gentle hands wrap...

Poetry: Campfire

Floating embers fill the air, dancing around aflame coal Crackling to the beat of the savage music you despise However, you are still...

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