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Poetry: Birdy

Updated: May 3, 2022

Broken, obviously so

So broken and alone

You will never fly again

This may be your last sunset

Feathers out of their formation

Bones no longer aligned

Cries so weak and pointless

And your look so resigned

The accident it seems, it left you

Here to die

You should have always been more-

Scared to fly

You wouldn’t let me help you

Not even if I tried

Your beak would meet my finger

In a frustrated attack

I won’t entertain the idea

I won’t give it a thought

I have no other option

But to leave you here to rot

If loving you was easy

That would kill the doubt

But pain would fill the heart

Of anyone devout

I will fly away

forget about your pleading eyes,

Your broken wing won’t break

My hardened heart of ice

I will be exposed

When emotion breaks my song

When schemes are interrupted

Though it won’t be for so long

And even though I left

Your weakened lungs to die

To say it was an act of evil

Would be a vicious lie

Protecting both my ears from

Your pointless cry

It was the only way in which

I could bare to pass by

The sound, it could be torture

The sight could tear a hole

The tears, a waste of water

The thoughts, a waste of time

I don’t need your forgiveness

With you, my secret dies

I won’t become a hostage

To your tired eyes

The maze you put me into

It is the prize I pay

But I will soon forget you

I am longing for that day


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