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Poetry: Campfire

Updated: May 3, 2022

Floating embers fill the air, dancing around aflame coal

Crackling to the beat of the savage music you despise

However, you are still dancing along with them

Loose fabric from clothes follows you over the wind

Struggling to keep up as you dart ever forwards

As you spin, you catch a glimpse of every face

All encapsulated in a blur of slow motion

In the swarm of nocturnal animals wildly rotating

Their lanky limbs not knowing where they belong

So, they hang by the sides of a torso

Or jut out below it at peculiar angles

In a grotesque fashion that you find familiar

Perhaps even comforting in this mass of mistakes

With empty glass bottles reflected in their eyes

Pacing, prancing, pirouetting, with the fauns

Residing within a forest of serene danger

Unimaginably beautiful trees scorched to gold

By the heat of the from the roaring campfire

That moves you in a trance of dancing flames

As the branches stretch out across the sky

Trying to touch the iridescent orbs above

Moonlight flooded down to greet the fauna

Transforming the leaves into shimmering silver

The silent plea of the trees seemed to be realised

As fragments of stars fluttered down in flakes

Lacing the ground with a bright white powder

Excited snow angels lay face down in the earth

Hours pass and the shadows start to loom larger

But still you continue trudging forward in your trance

Through the knee-deep snow, over the fallen angels

Trekking the blistering desert of blazing embers

Gradually the shadows seep closer as they stalk you

Now it manages to tickle your feet with the lightest grey

Scared, you close your eyes and lose yourself in illusion

Creeping closer to the campfire that holds your hand

Warmth surges through the air, striding towards you

Ready to hold onto you tight until nothing remains

Warmth quickly loses its comforting qualities

Forcing you to prize open your safely shut eyes

Flames have rapidly spread through your clothes

Soon, they engulf you but still the dance goes on

Until nothing is left but the burnt embers and shadows

Then, peace

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