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SystemOut(“Hello Again”)

Dusty computer

of circuits and wires

made to fulfil

old dreams and desires

Of spirit progressive

and maker inventive

built to impress

your critics dissentive

What horizons expanded

What wonders were new

what impossible barriers

could you breakthrough?

You started the race

you lifted the bar

and when you were asked

you ran oh so far

The distance you carried

tasks to you assigned

forever reformed

the path of mankind

But changes you made

could not be reversed

in tools and machines

you made them well versed

They built their new champions

with all of your aid

and for the first time

you showed signs of jade

Slow but reliable

as always you were

no longer enough

your time passed, a blur

So they moved on

and left you to rest

as they continued

their laborious quest

They never looked back

for work or advise

but glance at you like

one does at the skies

Dusty computer

left behind

why was the passage

of time so unkind?

I sit before you

I feel a connection

through the dust in your screen

I see my reflection


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